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Ag Equipment Directory includes packers, air drills, planters, cultivators, land levelers, muclers, chisel plows, bed shapers, seed drills, no-till equipment, ripper disks, rotary hoes, culters, anhydrous ammonia equipment, harrows and grain vacuums.

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Devils Lake, North Dakota US
800-732-4392 or 800-732-4347 Email Website Local Dealers
Summers Manufacturing's farm and agriculture equipment includes tandem offset disks, tandem discs, offset disks, field cultivators, disk harrows, coulter rippers, tandem disk drawn harrows, offset disk harrows, heavy harrows, tine harrows, field packers, cultivators, drag harrows, packers, straw management equipment, liquid pull type sprayers, roller packers, pull type sprayers and more.

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PARMA Company
Parma, Idaho US
208-722-5116 or 877-722-5116 Email Website
Parma's farm and agriculture equipment includes sugar beet harvesters, manure spreaders, manure handling equipment, culti-planters, onion windrowers, onion undercutters, onion loaders, packers, sugar beet defoliators, culti-packers, forage wagons, forage boxes, silage boxes, field packers, fora

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Rite Way Mfg. Co. Ltd
Imperial, Saskatchewan Canada
800-352-8822 or 306-963-2180 Email Website
Rite Way's farm and agriculture equipment includes grain combines, disk harrows, land rollers, packers, rock handling equipment, rock windrowers, rock pickers, hay bale trailers, crimper rollers, and heavy harrows.

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Grahl Manufacturing

Missouri US
Grahl Mfg. farm and ag equipment includes bale spikes, box field scrapers, build/repair feedbunks, gates, field rollers, portable welding, spike aerat

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Schlagel Manufacturing

Wyoming US
Schlagel Manufacturing products include Hay Bale Spears, Ditchers, Forage Spears, and Planter Caddy Movers.

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