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Crop Lifters

Crop Lifters
Ag Equipment Directory including crop dividers, crop lifters, combine accessories, farm spray shields, cultivators, corn choppers, combines, planters, planter attachments, combine and etc.

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Manitowoc, Wisconsin US
920-682-6108 Email Website Local Dealers
Gaterman Manufacturing Company of Manitowoc, Minnesota farm and agriculture equipment are comprised of crop lifters for most harvesting machinery. Our products include crop lifters, pick-up guards and combine crop lifters. We offer a full line of patented crop harvesting attachments designed to increase harvesting yields. Gaterman Manufacturing Company's Crop Lifters non-clogging and spring floating action hug the ground, gliding under a windrowed, swathed, rowed, or lodged crop, lifting it gent

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Lethbridge, Alberta Canada
800-565-2840 403-320-5585 Email Website
Keho's farm and agriculture equipment includes grain aeration systems, grain air blowers, grain handling equipment, crop lifters, batch grain dryers, grain drying fans, grain bin accessories, grain bin floors and grain bin roof vents.After 20 years of serving farmers KEHO classifies air drying

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Tulia, Alberta Canada
806-668-4722 Email Website
Roll-A-Cone Company's farm and agriculture equipment includes corn lifters, crop lifters, drag plows, stubble mulchers, hay bale haulers, 3-point cultivators, chisel plows, v-blade plows, tillage tools, shanks, cutters & shredders, stalk choppers, stalk cutters and foam markers.Roll-A-Cone

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E-Kay Enterprises Ltd.

Alberta Canada
E-Kay Enterprises company's farm and agriculture equipment includes grain bin sweeps, crop lifters, auger movers, crop dividers, grain handling s

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Manitoba Canada
Mandako farm and agriculture products include residue management equipment, land rollers, 3 point hitches, chaff spreaders, hay bale forks, crop lifte

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McKay Empire

Saskatchewan Canada
McKay Empire products include tillage tools & parts, sweeps, plow shares, furrowers, chisel shanks, cultivator shanks, tines, shanks, cultivator s

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